This book is a compilation of a series of posts that I wrote my first attempt at a website. (The website was known as “Number (Non-)Sense”.) I have not modified any of the content, except for minor “logistical” edits, such as for urls, spelling and grammar errors, etc.1 (In addition, I’ve modified usage of the word “post” (and similar references that make more sense for websites) appropriately, such as by changing “post” to “chapter”.

This book by no means represents the breadth of analysis of which I am capable. In fact, while updating the content for the E-book medium and skimming over my writing, the lack of statistical analysis that I demonstrate may actually do a disservice to my reputability as a data scientist/analyst. Nonetheless, I think this book is still worth publishing because the content is well researched and well thought-out. Also, on a personal note, I think this will be interesting to review in the future when gauging how I have developed as an analyst over my career.

  1. Even despite these efforts, I’m sure that there are still some logisitical errors that I have not caught.